Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I am delighted that you are here! My name is Michelle Mantooth Craft and I am a Life Transformation Guide, Inspirational Speaker, Writer, Artist, and Teacher.

I am here to serve and to help you create the life you desire. I am here to help you heal the past and move forward. I work with clients on a one on one basis as a Life Transformation Guide, online and in person, to help the client create and instill productive beliefs, let go of fear and move forward into a life experience they prefer.

Come with me on a journey from fear to courage into a life of Joy! Whether you take advantage of the NOW Coaching program with me or take a NOW workshop your life WILL grow into a magnificent experience.

Milo Brewster, a nine-year old magnet, notices that he has many unwanted things stuck to him, and this does not feel good. Milo begins to observe other magnets in his neighborhood, at school and even at home. He notices that some magnet's have more wanted things stuck to them, than he does. Milo sets out determined to get the answer to his question: "How and why do unwanted things stick to magnets?" He asks everyone he knows and gets some very surprising answers! With all the character's in "Unwanted Things" are horseshoe magnets. "Unwanted Things" helps children understand how wanted and unwanted things are attracted into their lives, and explains, in a way they can relate to, how the Law of Attraction works.

Author Bio

Michelle Mantooth Craft is a Life Transformation Coach. Using a strong Law of Attraction methodology, she assists her clients in creating the life experience they desire. Additionally, she teaches meditation, bringing more clarity and peace to her client’s lives. She is the founder of the popular radio show, The Uvisualeyes Show, where she interviews Law of Attraction celebrities. Michelle is the founder and owner of The Uvisualeyes Network. Having taught children in the subjects of Painting, Writing, and Architecture for over twenty years,internationally, Michelle knows children! She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. Michelle lives with her husband in Houston, Texas and enjoy’s time with her grandchildren

Radio Interview

Michelle Mantooth Craft is interviewed below by Hay House Radio on her new children's book "Unwanted Things":


“Unwanted Things is a great, imaginative introduction to your child about the Law of Attraction and how it works. It expresses the basic rule in fun, simple ways: Feel good and focus on what you want. This is a beautiful way to introduce and share your belief system with your child.”

Dee Wallace,
Actress and Writer

“The vivid and insightful way with which “Unwanted Things” illustrates and reminds children who they really are; powerful magnetic beings with the innate ability to create a joyful life, is brilliant! Much applause to this groundbreaking children's book!”

Serena Dyer Pisoni