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The NOW Program

My name is Michelle Mantooth Craft and I am a Life Transformation Guide, online or in person.


Do you know that a more fulfilling and happy life, full of joyful experiences is possible? Do you really? Or have you been living your life believing that your present life experience is all there is or ever will be and trying hard to accept a reality you do not prefer?


We can create the life experience we prefer! Sometimes though we need a little help identifying what is holding us back from living the grand experience we so desire. We all need, at some point in our lives, assistance from someone who has already overcome the road blocks we are trying to overcome.


If you really want to change your life and create the exquisite experience you have always dreamed of then invest in a personal life transformation program! “The NOW Program” is designed to help you live in the now. Only when you live in the now are you truly happy.


It's time to stop blaming others or your present situation. It's time to stop complaining about the life you don't want, that you are choosing to live. It's time to take charge and consult a professional to guide you to the life you desire.


An investment in your happiness for the rest of your life is worth the time and money.


Watch those excuses!


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