"Hi Michelle,

Just writing to tell you I got a new job! Thankyou so much for all the help you gave me. I used the video every morning before my day started. I'm starting in two weeks!" :-)

-Regards.....Karen D.


"Dear Michelle,


IT'S POSITIVE!!! My husband and I can't thank you enough for your support and encouragement to not 'give up'. After trying for so long to become pregnant using other methods, we decided to try visualizing and it worked. With the help of our personalized video, 3 weeks later we have a positive result."


-Cynthia & Russell F.



"Dear Michelle,


All I can say is Wow!


Thank you. I am in this position and you have given me some real good ideas on how to change what I am thinking and changing my thoughts to what I want.


I think I've done this with every job I've had and each job has ended with or without my being in control of quitting. And I'm at it again.


I will change this. Thank you."


-Joanna B.



"Great radio show today, Michelle. You have such wisdom to share. Thanks for the advide...."


-Carrie H.